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    The school campus is an architectural marvel in itself. The ambience of the school permits to nurture each child’s aesthetic and creative horizons. The school is stretched over 16,000 square metres of land and the building features an array of red-coloured terracotta finish thereby giving it a distinctive yet modern looking facade. It is a three-storeyed building as impressive as the academic credentials.

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    The Sovereign School aims at imparting quality education through holistic, scholastic and spiritual approach in its pursuit of excellence in all fields. In this era of globalization and liberation, it prepares students to have a competitive edge over others to meet the global perspective with the best of technology in education.

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    Balancing the Academic with the Extracurricular

    Education is not achieved in an ivory tower existence. The wheels of time roll on to share the qualitative education not only in terms of Scholastic Arena but also displays the intrinsic talent to explore one’s diverse culture, language, tradition, heritage and much more. Regular interaction with students from other educational institutes enhances and energizes this process of learning.

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Every child is born with immense potential, What matters most is the way she is nurtured.
At The Soverign School, this is the philosophy we work with! 



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"Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. ~ Haim Ginott "