Our Mission

OUR VISION:  To provide the most ultra-modern yet value-based education to the students to help them in contributing to society in a holistic manner.

OUR MISSION:   To become a one-of-a-kind school with cutting-edge technologies, infrastructure, and faculty that provides the best career, creative and physical growth at par excellence.

OUR BELIEF:  Imparting education in a way that will serve society comprehensively. To construct a span foundation for the students both in Scholastic & Non-Scholastic Arena. Nourishing the student’s personalities and fostering their Logical and analytical abilities thereby creating an Edifice of Excellence in every walk of life.

IDEOLOGY: To make Learning Unlike Any Other


The Sovereign School aims at imparting quality education through a holistic, scholastic, and spiritual approach in its pursuit of excellence in all fields. In this era of globalization and liberation, it prepares students to have a competitive edge over others to meet the global perspective with the best of technology in education. The school ensures the physical, mental, and moral growth of the students through training in co-operation, consideration, team-spirit, and service, hence enhancing their mental horizon. We believe that, as educators, it is our responsibility to reflect deeply on questions that are fundamental to education and its long-term vigor. Only by questioning ourselves and involving all our stakeholders in this quest, can we rise above the mundane to provide learning that is relevant, interesting, and challenging.

We set sail therefore to further propel the strong foundations of our vision upon which we base our objectives.


  • Developing the student's capabilities from a global perspective by instilling self-confidence in order to be able to contribute to community life, build tolerance & accountability.
  • A student with the knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values enhances their personality development, physical and psycho-social capabilities. These qualities are effectively achieved through professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement activities.
  • The delivery of curriculum by incorporating activities based on the Multiple Intelligence theory leading to literary, inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • In a nutshell, The Sovereign School is a “Playground of Education” which provides a vibrant and fun-filled learning experience for children.
"A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. ~ Chinese Proverb "