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Helen-O-Grady : Along with academic proficiency, in order to lay a strong foundation for an overall personality development, the School has tied up with Helen-O-Grady(HOG) , an UK based organization to make the innovative International Programme a part of the school curriculum for the students. HOG has been doing sterling work in the field of children education for the last 35 years. Presently, in over 25 countries across the world, the HOG curriculum is designed to help the children in developing the 3 Cs i.e. Communication, Creativity and Confidence..Children learn to express themselves articulately and clear English speech and are encouraged to explore, imagine and speak their mind to evolve as confident human beings. The unique curriculum, which is different for different age groups,  is extended to work on life skills and social interaction skills thus helping children achieve an all round development focusing on Speech, Voice modulation, Vocabulary, Elocution, Storytelling, Mime to Music, Recitation, Plays and much more.

Robotics: In collaboration with Avishkar an EdTech company, the Robotics club aims to build a strong base in computer programming and artificial intelligence among students. It focused on – Branches of Robotics, Robotics in modern life and its components. Different designs of Robots have been developed using robotics kit. It helps in programming robots for motor operation.

Extra Marks: The Sovereignins are now a part of new - age teaching- learning environment with Smart Learn Modules; thus infusing experienced teaching methodology with world class digital technology.

Around the world study: After the British Council Project, the school is now hungry for more challenges. The multi-purpose school calendar has been designed using a methodology that embeds global themes; the running theme being, ‘Around the world’.

"If you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it. "