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Education is not just preparation for life but life itself.
"The Sovereign School" - Sovereign as the word goes meaning 'the supreme or the absolute' aims at providing sound, ethical & intellectual education thereby mentoring the students to become the torchbearers for an enhanced tomorrow. The School is a microcosm of the wide & wonderful world around us showcasing young minds to myriad ideas and experiences.




The splendid foyer is a reflection of our ideology, motto, and vision to serve the visitors and parents with Competence, Confidence, and Care. The reception area is the front desk office for any inquiry. Enquires are welcomed at the reception area by our smiling and polite front desk personnel. The interior is marvelous, well-furnished, imported marble floor comprising LED screens. 
The infrastructure of the school comprises of the multi-storeyed edifice with air-conditioned classrooms, sprawling lawns, soundproof auditorium, a well-stocked library, surveillance cameras, closed-circuit screens, etc.

It offers fully well-lit air-conditioned classrooms backed up with 24X7 electricity that offer conducive support to the learners for the understanding of the concepts that are imparted and comprehended at ease in a comfortable environment. The Smart Classrooms in the school premises are technology-enhanced that encourage opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities.
The school provides a plethora of facilities that boost of inclusion of the latest technology and equipment. The latest and high-quality science labs enable students to observe, manage, and operate real objects that facilitate them to observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction.

The School curriculum & teaching methodologies are moderated to appeal to the psyche of the youth which includes smart classrooms well equipped with projectors & a vivid range of audio-visual aids to bring out the best in the quest for excellence. Digital & High-tech multimedia classrooms benefit young minds to put their ideas into action and become tech-savvy. Clubs, Theme Assemblies, Commemorative events & Excursions galvanize the students in exercising Global Responsibility. Communication is crucial for keeping pace and in tune with the school logbook. Educomp, School Website, and Online Parent Portal act as the primer in bridging the gap between the School and the Parents. The Wonderland endowed with swings & joy rides conducive for tiny tots in their formative years reiterates that education for life is not confined only to the classroom.

The school has a vast playground that offers prospects to students to play diversified sports that assist in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children right from the stage of early childhood. Sporting activities help to mold children into healthy, sane, and poised human beings. To bring out the best in the Sovereigns, the school has carved a forte by cultivating a suitable hobby for one and all. Apt bounce back lawn tennis, basketball and badminton courts, eclectic cricket pitch, table tennis quarters, swimming pool, vocal & instrumental corners, rhythmic foot spacing with professionals are added attractions for the young and sporting minds.
A well-equipped infirmary, complete with a qualified medical practitioner ensures that there is medical aid available ( if required) at all times on the school premises
Exacting standards of hygiene and sanitation are maintained in the school. The housekeeping department is constantly on its toes to ensure that not speck of dust or dirt is found anywhere on the premises. The student and staff restrooms are spotless at all times and soap dispensers, toilet paper, disposable hand tissues, and towels ensure that hygiene is accorded at all times.

"A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. ~ Chinese Proverb "